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VihtaVuori Powder N150, bottle à 1kg

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Vihtavuori N150 multipurpose rifle powder

Vihtavuori’s N150 multipurpose rifle powder is one of our most popular reloading products. It is commonly used with heavier bullets in accuracy loads and hunting loads in cartridges with middle case volumes, like the .30-06 Springfield, the .308 Winchester and the 6,5×55 SE. The N150 is one of, if not the best, all-rounder powder for European hunting calibers.
N150 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1,3mm length and 1,1mm diameter and the nearly symmetrical shape makes it a good companion for all kinds of reloading equipment. The burn rate of the N150 is on the medium scale of our rifle powders. It is also one of our most temperature insensitive powders, and thanks to the added decoppering agent, the coppering of the rifle barrel is minor even when using copper bullets.

Reloading recommendations from our pros

The N150 is a perfect solution for .308 Win cartridges with Lapua Naturalis bullets. Excellent velocity and shooting accuracy is guaranteed with almost all barrel lengths on the market.
For moose hunters we recommend trying the load of 2,75g/42.4grs
For 6,5×55 SE applications, N150 gives a good variety of options with 6,5g/100gr – 9,0g/139gr bullets and shooting distances up to 800 meters!
  • package contents: 1 Kg
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