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VihtaVuori Powder N133, bottle à 1kg

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Vihtavuori N133, the choice of top benchrest shooters

Originally developed for 5.56 Nato cartridge, Vihtavuori’s N133 is a multipurpose rifle powder for centerfire .22 cartridges and PPC caliber cartridges.
N133 is a tubular powder with grain dimensions of 1.1mm length and 0.8 mm diameter. The burn rate is medium in the scale of our rifle powders, and it works like a charm with .223 Remington, and practical shooters and other using the AR-15 will know the utmost quality of the N133. It is also a supreme choice for handloaders shooting 6 PPC standard rifle, and benchrest shooters all over the world rely on the combination of the Lapua .220 Russian brass and Vihtavuori N133 powder. This is probably the most popular powder in 100meters and 200meters bench rest shooting competitions: a countless number of competitions have been won using this reloading powder!
  • package contents: 1 Kg
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