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SK KK-Patrone .22lr, Long Range Match, 335m/s

Unit price per P. 1000177.00 CHF
Item no. 37.0025
Sales unit P. 1000
P. 1000 contains 1,000 Pcs
Requires approval Required documents according to the Gun law!
The new SK Long Range match ammunition is designed for demanding small calibre enthusiasts who regularly shoot at distances of 100 metres and more. It is specially manufactured for the ever-increasing popularity of small calibre disciplines such as PRC, Tactical Rimfire, Long Range Silhouette and others. The SK Long Range ensures precise, high-quality ammunition that works reliably in your competition weapon. In the SK Long Range Match, central fire shooters find the ideal training partner to adequately prepare for central fire competitions with the small bore rifle. Whether they are actively shooting at today's small bore long range competitions or in the local shooting club, they will achieve the highest recognition with the SK Long Range Match.

Maintain your distance with the new SK Long Range
  • Caliber: .22lr
  • EN:Geschossart: RN
  • EN:Geschossgewicht: 40gr / 2.59g
  • EN:Packungsinhalt: 1000 Cartridges
  • EN:Blei Eigenschaft: lead-containing
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