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RCBS Die Set FL Group A, 7.5x55

Unit price per Pcs65.00 CHF
Item no. 40.0000.01
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RCBS die set FL, 7,5x55 Group A

This set of two dies is designed to reload bottlenecks and consists of
a full die with expander, primer ejector unit and a seater die with bullet-setting plug.
The die has air vents, case damage due to trapped air and excessive
to avoid lubricant.
The headspace is kept to minimum tolerances to avoid that the case length during
the size change in the total length changes.
  • EN:Kalibrierart: Full-Length (Voll)
  • EN:Set Grösse: 2-Matrizen Set
  • EN:Gruppe: A
  • EN:Crimp-Art: Roll-Crimp