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Fiocchi FFW cartridge 9mmLuger, Black Mamba 100gr (50)

Unit price per P. 5024.50 CHF
Item no. 37.2002
Sales unit P. 50
P. 50 contains 50 Pcs
Documents required Copy ID+SRA or WES/EFWP (not older than 2 years)
No shipment abroad!
Quality and aggressiveness characterize this product line loaded with the Fiocchi “Black Mamba” bullet. With its truncated cone geometry, it is very light and optimized for each calibre. The bullet’s light weight allows it to reach high speeds and hence high kinetic energy upon impact with the target. Its jacket in tombak 90/10, with a further “Black Mamba” surface treatment, optimizes the smoothness in the barrel. “Black Mamba” is a full metal jacket bullet with a high “stopping power” and reduced piercing power.
  • Caliber: 9mmLuger
  • Bullet type: Black Mamba
  • Bullet weight: 100gr / 6.48g
  • package contents: 50 Cartridge
  • Velocity V0: 435m/s
  • Bullet characteristic: lead-containing
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