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BioAmmo Lux Hunting Lead 12/70 36g No. 1 No. 1 / 4.0mm, 385m/s

Unit price per P. 2532.00 CHF
Item no. 37.0310.40
P. 25 contains 25 Pcs
sales units
Requires approval Required documents according to the Gun law!
BIOAMMO’s cartridges are manufactured in the most modern and state-of-the-art
factory in Europe and are designed to give users the best possible quality,
performance and results.
BIOAMMO was the first company in the world to receive patents for its biopolymer
wads and cases.
wads and cases are also the only complete non-plastic biopolymer
solution to have received their respective OK Compost HOME and INDUSTRIAL
is fully committed to the conservation of the natural environment
and enhancing the biodiversity of the planet with its 100% biodegradable and
compostable wads and cases.
  • Caliber: 12/70
  • package contents: 25 Patronen
  • EN:Schrotgrösse: 4.0mm / Nr. 1
  • EN:Schrotart: Bleischrot
  • EN:Schrotgewicht: 36g / 1¼oz
  • EN:Ausführung: LUX Hunting Lead
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