RS III Aluminum Stock with 2013 Adapter
Rh or LH Version

Stock RSIII Revolution Aluminum stock for the following 50m- und 300m actions:
  FT300 Standard Rifle, single shot, FT300 Free Rifle, ST200 Standard Rifle, single shot , ST200 Free Rifle, Racer WORLD CHAMPION, caliber .22 l.r., X-Racer, caliber .22 l.r., Bleiker Challenger, caliber .22 l.r., Anschütz Mod. 2013, caliber .22 l.r.
Optional   With Optional accessories also usable for:
  FT300 CISM Standard Rifle with 10-rds Magazine, Anschütz 1907R with 10-rds Magazine, Anschütz Match 54 and 1807-1913
Weight Approximately 1‘520 – 1‘900g, depending on specification
Art. No. 14.4906